Modeling Quality in Bulk Peanut Curing

Author: J. M. Troeger

  • Modeling Quality in Bulk Peanut Curing


    Modeling Quality in Bulk Peanut Curing



A bulk peanut curing model was modified to indicate conditions which affect peanut quality. The model simulates changes in moisture content as affected by the temperature and humidity of the drying air. Equations were developed for simulating hourly changes in the ambient temperature. Conditions promoting mold growth and mycotoxin production were indicated when relative humidities in the dryer exceeded an upper limit. Poor milling quality was indicated by relative humidities below a lower limit based on extension recommendations. Cumulative time for each of these conditions was determined with various levels of ambient temperature, initial moisture and dryer control settings. A control scheme is given for setting the plenum thermostat. The results show that better control of the dryer operating conditions will maintain the quality factors at a satisfactory level.

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Keywords: drying, Curing, peanuts, milling quality, Simulation, Model, mold growth

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Troeger, J., (1989) “Modeling Quality in Bulk Peanut Curing”, Peanut Science 16(2), p.105-108. doi:



Published on
01 Jul 1989
Peer Reviewed