Grading High Moisture Farmer Stock Peanut Lots¹

Authors: P. D. Blankenship , M. C. Lamb , C. L. Butts , T. B. Whitaker , E. J. Williams

  • Grading High Moisture Farmer Stock Peanut Lots¹


    Grading High Moisture Farmer Stock Peanut Lots¹

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Farmers in the U.S. are required to market peanuts as identity preserved lots with less than or equal to 10.49% moisture content (MC) wet basis. A comparison of peanut grades, weights, and values at moisture contents above (Hmc) and below (Lmc) 10.49% was conducted at 16 buying points during crop year 1998 and at 22 points in 1999. Buying points were located in all three U.S. peanut-producing areas both years. Randomly selected Hmc lots of runner-, spanish-, and virgina-type peanuts were weighed and unofficially graded by Federal State Inspection Serv. personnel with standard procedures. Lots were cured to MC ≤ 10.49 and graded officially for farmer marketing. Data from both years were combined for analysis. Both Hmc and Lmc grades were conducted on 543, 62, and 81 runner-, spanish-, and virginia-type lots, respectively. Moisture contents for runner type averaged 16.3% at Hmc grading and 8.7% at Lmc grading; for spanish type, 15.8 and 8.7%; and for virginia type, 17.0 and 9.1%. Only 3.8% of all lots evaluated had Hmc moisture contents greater than 25%. Equations were derived that predicted Lmc grade factors, lot weights (LW) and lot values (LV) from measured Hmc factors by peanut type. Equations to estimate Lmc LW and LV for runner-type peanuts had correlation coefficients of 0.998 and 0.997, respectively. Correlation coefficients for spanish type Lmc LW and LV were 0.998 and 0.995 and for virginia type 0.996 and 0.993, respectively. Derived equations for Lmc grade factors, LW, and LV may offer an alternative modification in U.S. peanut grading and farmer marketing allowing an increase in the maximum MC at grading.

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Keywords: Arachis hypogaea L, marketing, moisture content

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Blankenship, P. & Lamb, M. & Butts, C. & Whitaker, T. & Williams, E., (2001) “Grading High Moisture Farmer Stock Peanut Lots¹”, Peanut Science 28(1), p.38-43. doi:



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01 Jan 2001
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