Quantifying Pod Detachment Rate of Florunner Peanut¹

Authors: W. D. Batchelor , K. J. Boote , J. W. Jones , D. A. Drew

  • Quantifying Pod Detachment Rate of Florunner Peanut¹


    Quantifying Pod Detachment Rate of Florunner Peanut¹

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Pod detachment is a problem that affects optimum date to peanut harvest. Thus, it is important to understand and quantify causes for pod detachment. The purpose of this study was to test the hypothesis that detachment is initiated in a cohort of peanut pods when the supply of carbon is reduced or terminated. It was assumed that the supply of carbon to an individual pod is related to pod growth rate; therefore, termination of carbon translocation to a pod was characterized by termination of pod growth. Carbohydrate limitations were imposed on Florunner peanut by leaf spot disease, artificial shade, and water stress. A cohort of pods was manually tagged in each treatment and growth characteristics were measured throughout the season. Cumulative pod detachment was measured for tagged pods and plants in each treatment. Initiation of detachment in tagged pods for a control and manual shade treatment corresponded to the date that tagged pod growth ended. However, detachment was initiated before tagged pod growth ended in water stress and disease treatments. A, second hypothesis tested was that once detachment is initiated in a cohort, the detachment rate is related to time after carbohydrate is terminated and is independent of the reason for the carbohydrate limitation. We found that once detachment was initiated in a tagged cohort, cumulative detachment over time was similar in each treatment. An exponential equation was used to relate cumulative percentage pod detachment vs. thermal time after initiation of pod detachment in a cohort of pods.

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Keywords: disease, pod losses, disease-induced pod losses, tagged pod growth characteristics

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Batchelor, W. & Boote, K. & Jones, J. & Drew, D., (1996) “Quantifying Pod Detachment Rate of Florunner Peanut¹”, Peanut Science 23(1), p.23-30. doi:



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01 Jan 1996
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1This research was partially supported by a USDA Fellowship, USAID Project, IBSNAT, No. DAN-405-4-C-00-2071-00, and Hatch Act and State of Iowa funds. Jour. Paper No. 16724 of the Iowa Agric. and Home Econ. Exp. Stn., Project 3356.