Weighing Platforms for Automated Peanut Curing¹

Authors: G. Vellidis , M. E. Allgood , C. D. Perry , J. M. Allison , C. S. Kvien

  • Weighing Platforms for Automated Peanut Curing¹


    Weighing Platforms for Automated Peanut Curing¹

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An instrumented weighing platform was developed for in-process moisture determination of curing peanuts and a field study was conducted to evaluate its performance. The design and evaluation of the weighing platform are described in detail. Statistical analysis of the difference between the final moisture content predicted by the platform and the actual kernel moisture content of cured peanuts indicated that the weighing platform accurately predicted final kernel moisture content. The weighing platform system can easily be incorporated into existing curing facilities. It has the potential to reduce the number of samples required by conventional curing techniques and, by maintaining better moisture content control reduce the incidence of overcuring or undercuring.

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Keywords: peanut, Curing, automated, moisture content, drying

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Vellidis, G. & Allgood, M. & Perry, C. & Allison, J. & Kvien, C., (1993) “Weighing Platforms for Automated Peanut Curing¹”, Peanut Science 20(1), p.62-65. doi:



Published on
01 Jan 1993

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3Steinlite model G moisture meter used by FFM for moisture content measurements and housed in the FFM yard traffic control shed.


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