A Peanut Growth and Development Model¹

Authors: J. H. Young , F. R. Cox , C. K. Martin

  • A Peanut Growth and Development Model¹


    A Peanut Growth and Development Model¹

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A first generation FORTRAN computer program has been developed to simulate the growth and development of peanuts from the date of planting until harvest. Top growth, flowering, pegging, and fruiting are simulated by the program. Required inputs are daily values for maximum and minimum temperatures, radiation, and soil moisture level. Preliminary evaluations of the model have been made using growth data collected during 1974 and 1975 for the Florigiant and Florunner cultivars. A number of areas have been identified for further research to improve our understanding of peanut growth and development and to evaluate hypotheses included in the current model.

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Keywords: peanut, Growth, Model, Photosynthesis, Flowering, Pegging, Respiration

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Young, J. & Cox, F. & Martin, C., (1979) “A Peanut Growth and Development Model¹”, Peanut Science 6(1), p.27-36. doi:



Published on
01 Jan 1979
Peer Reviewed

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1Paper Number 5437 of the Journal Series of the North Carolina Agricultural Experiment Station, Raleigh, N. C.