Peanut Drying Energy Consumption

Authors: Paul D. Blankenship , Victor Chew

  • Peanut Drying Energy Consumption


    Peanut Drying Energy Consumption

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Total energy consumption and drying times were determined for drying peanuts with various equipment and procedures commonly used by the peanut industry. Total peanut drying times were significantly shorter with 3.73 kW, single-trailer (ST) dryers than with 7.46 kW, double-trailer (DT) dryers. Total energy consumption was significantly higher per tonne of peanuts dried for drying with ST dryers. Total energy consumption and drying times were not significantly different for drying in side-air-entry or rear-air-entry trailers. Precleaning reduced energy requirements for drying and slightly reduced total drying times. Drying peanuts at 40.56°C decreased drying times but required considerably more energy than drying at 35°C. Type of temperature control, constant (Co) or cycling (Cy), had no effect on drying times or energy consumption.

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Keywords: peanuts, drying, energy consumption, Cleaning

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Blankenship, P. & Chew, V., (1979) “Peanut Drying Energy Consumption”, Peanut Science 6(1). doi:



Published on
01 Jan 1979

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