Evaluation of Early Generation Testing in Peanuts¹

Author: J. C. Wynne

  • Evaluation of Early Generation Testing in Peanuts¹


    Evaluation of Early Generation Testing in Peanuts¹



Six lines representing three botanical varieties, and crosses made in diallel among the six lines were grown at two locations to determine the value of early generation testing in peanuts (Arachis hypogaea L.).

Fruit length, percentage sound mature kernels, and percentage fancy size pods of the crosses bulked and measured in F5 generation were correlated with similar measures in F2 generation. F2 generation cross means for yield were not correlated with F5 cross means. Estimates of general combining ability were significant and of greater magnitude than specific combining ability estimates for both F2 and F5 generations for all traits except yield.

The average performance of a parental line in crosses in the F2 generation was correlated with its average performance in crosses in the F5 generation for yield, fruit length, sound mature kernels, and fancy size pods.

The highest yielding line from nine of the 15 crosses selected using a modified pedigree method equalled or exceeded the yield of the high parent for that cross. Yields of the highest yielding selections, however, were not correlated with the yield of either the F2 or F5 generations of the crosses grown in bulk.

Early generation testing in peanuts of crosses between lines representing different botanical varieties appears to be a useful breeding procedure for traits such as fruit length, sound mature kernels, or fancy size pods but has limited value in selecting for yield.

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Keywords: selection, General Combining Ability, Specific Combining Ability, Diallel

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01 Jul 1976

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1Paper Number 4838 of the Journal Series of the North Carolina Agricultural Experiment Station, Raleigh, N. C. 27607.