Handling Farmer Stock Peanuts at Warehouses with Potato Equipment¹

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An alternative system for handling farmer stock peanuts in and out of warehouse storage was evaluated and compared to conventional handling systems. The potato handling system provided significantly less mechanical damage and improved peanut value than conventional handling methods. Loose shelled kernels and sound splits were decreased by 1.83 and 4.00%. respectively, by more gentle handling of the peanuts (P ≤ 0.05). Thus, the potential for aflatoxin contamination during storage was reduced. Economic analysis revealed that investment costs of the potato and conventional handling systems were similar. The analysis revealed that the net value of peanuts from a 3629-t capacity warehouse could be increased by $23,758/yr by investing in potato handling equipment instead of conventional handling equipment when constructing a new warehouse. However, it is probably not economically feasible to convert the handling equipment of an existing conventional warehouse to the potato handling system.

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Keywords: separation, Arachis hypogaea L, potato, handling

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