Contents of Eight Nutrients in Central Stem Leaf Segments of Ten Peanut Cultivars and Lines1

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Petioles and blades of central stem leaves of 10 peanut (Arachis bypogaea L.) cultivars or lines grown in fertilized field plots in 1972 and 1973 and the last of four consecutive crops grown in pots during 1971 to 1973 were analyzed for evidence of relative differences in nutritional requirements. Runner-types included were Florigiant, Florunner, Va. 72R, NC 5, Avoca 11, and Va. 61R and bunch-types were NC 17, NC-Fla. 14, Va. 68 Composite, and Va. 70 Composite. The peanuts were grown in Woodstown (Aquic Hapludult) loamy fine sand.

Significant (5% level) differences among cultivars or lines occurred in the K, Ca, and Mg contents and not in the P, B, Mn, Zn, and Cu contents of leaf portions of peanuts grown in the field. However, none of the cultivars or lines contained markedly higher or lower contents of any nutrient-considered. Lines Va. 68 Composite and Va. 70 Composite and the cultivar Avoca 11 had not been evaluated in similar previous research. These generally were intermediate or higher in contents of the nutrients, except the Mg content of Va. 70 Composite petioles was lower than in most cultivars or lines but equivalent to NC 5 and Va. 72R. Petioles were higher in K and Mg contents, whereas the blades were higher in P, Ca, B, Mn, Zn, and Cu contents.

Continuous cropping of soil in the pots did not develop any apparent restrictive levels of nutrient availability. Hence, the fourth crop was not subjected to nutritional conditions for elucidation of abnormal nutrient-uptake capabilities among cultivars or lines.

Florigiant, Va. 72R, and NC-Fla. 14 cultivars were labeled as superior in yield potential in Virginia in previous research. Portions of these cultivars were highest 25%, intermediate 50% and lowest 25% of the cases, in contents of one or more of the eight nutrients of both field and pot-grown plants.

The average contents of the nutrients in leaf portions of the bunch or runner type cultivars or lines were similar.

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Keywords: Nutrients, Leaf, Cultivars, Lines

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1Contribution from the Tidewater Research and Continuing Education Center and Department of Agronomy, Research Division, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, Va. 24061.