Storage of Prepackaged Fresh Green Peanuts

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Raw ‘green’ peanuts were treated with combinations of hot water and fungicides. Portions of the variously treated peanuts were surface dried in 110°F. moving air for 10 minutes prior to packaging. The visible microbial infection of the packaged peanuts was greatly reduced by treating the raw, washed product in a 120°F. water bath containing 500 ppm of either Botran or benomyl. Treating the raw peanuts by submerging them in 120°F. water for 2.5 to 5 minutes was effective in retarding microbial growth; however, this was greatly improved by the addition of Botran or Benomyl. Reducing the surface moisture of the peanuts in 110°F. moving air for 10 minutes enhanced the effectiveness of all treatments.

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Keywords: Storage, Fresh, Ambient

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