Hand-Tripped Flowers Promote Seed Production in Arachis lignosa, a Wild Peanut¹



In trials conducted in the greenhouse, growth chamber, and outdoors, no pegs or pods were produced when A. lignosa (Chod. et Hassl.) Krap. et Greg. nom. nud. plants were allowed to pollinate naturally. However, hand tripping flowers, especially in the greenhouse, resulted in significant increases in pod production. The results suggest that the high degree of reproductive sterility usually noted for A. lignosa in culture is due to pollination failure rather than to physiological self incompatibility. The somewhat truncated shape of the stigma and its elevated position relative to the anthers probably restricts natural self-pollination without the aid of pollinating vectors such as bees.

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Keywords: Arachis hypogaea L, Arachis species, Groundnut, peanuts, Pollination, self incompatibility, stigma morphology, Wild species

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