Resistance to Peanut Mottle Virus in Arachis spp.¹

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Seven wild rhizomatous peanut introductions PI 262794, PI 262818, AM 3867, 'Florigraze' (PI 421707), PI 172223, 'Arbrook' (PI 262817), and 'Arblick' (PI 262839) from the Plant Materials Center, Americus, Ga. were not infected with peanut mottle virus (PMV) by mechanical inoculation, aphid inoculation, or by natural infection when field planted near infected Arachis hypogaea L. These accessions are the only known sources of resistance to PMV in Arachis.

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Keywords: Groundnut, A. hypogaea, A. glabrata, epidemiology, plant introductions, Aphis craccivora, aphid inoculation

How to Cite: Demski, J. & Sowell, G. (1981) “Resistance to Peanut Mottle Virus in Arachis spp.¹”, Peanut Science. 8(1). doi:

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1This research was supported by state and Hatch funds allocated to the Georgia Experiment Station; and Regional Project S-9.