Inheritance of a Necrotic-etch Leaf Disease in Peanuts¹



Little is known about the genetic control of diseases of the cultivated peanut, Arachis hypogaea L., and data on qualitatively inherited foliar maladies are rare. This paper reports the mode of inheritance of a disease of unknown cause. A necrotic-etch leaf condition, first observed in 1962, lacks distinctiveness or uniformity of affected areas, but is easily distinguished from foliar diseases caused by known pathogens. Affected plants breed true for the disorder. Attempts to isolate a causal agent have been unsuccessful.

Necrotic-etch leaf is inherited as a qualitatively controlled recessive trait. F1 plants are normal. F2 data for 3338 plants (3155 normal: 183 necrotic) in 44 progenies from 5 cross combinations gave good fits to the digenic 15:1 model, indicating duplicate, unlinked loci.

Gene symbols Ne1 ne1 Ne2 ne2 are proposed.

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Keywords: Genetic-Disease, Arachis-hypogaea, Groundnut, Genetic-Ratio, Non-Pathogenic

How to Cite: Hammons, R. (1980) “Inheritance of a Necrotic-etch Leaf Disease in Peanuts¹”, Peanut Science. 7(1). doi:

Author Notes

1Cooperative investigations of AR, SEA, USDA and the University of Georgia College of Agriculture Coastal Plain Staion, Tifton, GA 31794.